Loyalty is Key for VIP Status

VIP Member BenefitsThe online gaming industry is very competitive, with the number of internet casinos going up constantly. In order to stand out from the competition, casinos need to come up with all kinds of different incentives for the players. For example, some decide on offering lucrative sign-up bonuses or to award loyal players with free spins.

Those casinos that want to attract high rollers often decide on creating a special club, meant only for exclusive players. The online casino VIP Clubs have been proven to bring a lot of benefits not only to the players but casinos as well. By treating the players as they deserve, the casinos are making sure they will remain loyal.

But not only that, the experience has shown that as soon as they get VIP status, the players start playing more. This isn’t a big surprise, knowing that being a VIP club member comes with a number of perks. This includes everything from exclusive VIP bonuses to birthday gifts, trips, and other prizes.

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Perks of Being a VIP Player

Although VIP program differs from casino to casino, generally speaking, most common benefit the club members get is the chance to collect club points. Each time a VIP player wagers real money on a casino game, they will receive club points. Once the player collects enough of them, they’ll be able to swap them for real money or bonus funds.

Other common benefits of joining a VIP club include the following:VIP benefits and bonuses

  • Higher limits – The truth is that there aren’t many online casinos that offer conditions-free gambling. One of the most common conditions is the wagering limit. Almost all casinos on the planet allow the players to wager only a certain amount of money. At least, this is true for most players. The rule does not apply to VIP players!  
  • Higher bonuses – Another thing that differs VIP players from regular users is the bonuses. The member of the VIP club usually get much higher bonuses than others, not to mention that the playthrough requirements are almost always much easier to achieve.
  • Free spins on a regular basis – Apart from getting a chance to claim amazing bonuses by making deposits, sometimes the VIP players receive gifts from the casino without any accompanying conditions. For instance, the most common gift the VIP players get is free spins on certain video slots.
  • Priority withdrawals – In most online casinos, the money-withdrawal process takes at least a couple of hours. In fact, depending on the withdrawal method, the process may even take a couple of days. Of course, that is not the case with VIP players, who have the privilege of priority withdrawals. Their payouts are processed by the casinos as soon as a request has been made!
  • Dedicated live support agent – VIP players get their own dedicated live support agent who is there for them to answer literally any question related to their account. The agent keeps track of their previous conversations so that each future issue would be solved as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the agent’s job is also to inform the VIP player about all the incentives they can get, as well as to invite them to VIP-only events, such as tournaments and competitions.  
  • Access to VIP competitions – rather than playing against those who wager cents, you can have fun with other like-minded players. This is possible because VIP players have a free access to special high-rollers’ tournaments and competitions.
  • Birthday gifts – One of the most common methods the casinos use to show their gratitude is giving birthday gifts to the VIP players. The gift can be anything from free spins and bonuses to trips and other prizes.
  • Trips and other prizes – If the casino considers you to be a very important player, they will do all in their power to keep you coming back. This means that you can expect all kinds of rewards for your loyalty. For example, some casinos reward their long-term players with exclusive trips or give them rewards such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Getting to know other players – Some online casinos organize gatherings of VIP players so that they can meet one another in person and share their experiences. Of course, this often includes free dinners and stays at hotels, while some online casinos even organize cruises for their VIP players.

These are just a few examples of the benefits you get from joining a VIP club. As each casino has its own VIP program, its’ best to read the T&C in order to learn more about it.

Casinos With Best VIP Programs

In order to qualify for a place in a VIP club, you need to play at real money casinos and wager quite a lot of money. What this means is that choosing the right casino is of utmost importance. Otherwise, your efforts to become a VIP member might prove pointless. After all, what’s the point of joining a VIP club if the benefits of that aren’t impressive?

So, before putting your trust in a casino, you need to do your research. It’s crucial to find a casino with a superb program for exclusive players. The good news is that this is something that’s not too difficult to do. In fact, all you got to do is check out the list of recommended casinos at Australia Casino. You can be sure that the VIP players at these top online casinos are treated like they deserve!

Becoming a VIP club member comes with all kinds of benefits. Check out how you can become a VIP today!