Perks of Being a VIP Player in Your Favorite Online Casino

Become a VIPMost players think of online casinos not as a method of getting rich quick, but as a way of having fun. What’s not fun, though, is keep losing all the time. To make the things interesting, online casinos have decided to give away bonuses that will increase the players’ chance of winning.

Although it might be true that the house usually wins, it doesn’t mean that the casinos care only about the money. They also care about the players, especially those who have been loyal. What this means is that they’re more than willing to award your loyalty with an exclusive casino bonus! In the online casino world, becoming a VIP is as easy as simply playing regularly. Once you have gotten their attention, the benefits don't stop pouring in!

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All You Need to Know About Casino Bonuses

At the first look, regular casino bonuses can seem like a perfect way to get big cash really quickly. But, don’t get fooled – casinos aren’t stupid! They won’t give away their money for free. Instead, they will set up some conditions that are very difficult to fulfil. One of those is the rollover requirement.

In order to be able to withdraw the bonus money, you will need to do a rollover, that is, wager the bonus money. So, if you get 50 dollars as a bonus from the casino, you might need to wager it several times in order to be allowed to withdraw the money. Depending on the casino, the rollover requirement can be pretty extreme. In fact, many casinos require 10x, 20x, or even 50x rollover. This basically means is that even though the bonus offer is tempting, actually getting that money is almost impossible. 

In other cases, a casino may offer a so-called sticky bonus. In this case, you only get the bonus money to play casino games with it, while not actually being able to withdraw it. Instead, you will only be able to withdraw the money that you won by playing casino games. So, for example, if you get a 50-dollar bonus and manage to win $150, you will be allowed to withdraw only $100. The $50 go back to the casino. 

Of course, not all the bonuses come with these conditions! Some of them come with no special requirements at all. Yes, you’ve read it right – there are some bonuses which you can withdraw straight away. However, such bonuses are available to VIP players only!

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How to Claim Your VIP B onusExclusive Casino Bonus

If you’ve decided to put your trust in an online casino, you can be sure that they will appreciate your loyalty. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised if they decide to thank you for that by awarding you with loyalty points. You can earn points by playing the games on a regular basis, but also by spreading the word about the casino via social media or by inviting your friends to join in the fun.

But, why do you need those points? Because you can redeem them for some super casino bonuses! How good the bonus will depend on how many points you collect. So, passionate casino players can hope for some really lucrative bonuses, which come with no conditions whatsoever. You won’t have to rollover the bonus, nor will you be required. 

Furthermore, if you collect a certain amount of loyalty points, you may earn a VIP status, which is guaranteed to take your game to a whole new level. VIP players are often awarded enhanced payouts and jackpots, not to mention that the bonuses they get are usually much higher than of the regular players. On top of that, such bonuses do not come with rollover requirements, as they do in case of non-VIP players.

The best thing is that such players don’t get awarded just with VIP bonus offers and promotions, but many other benefits as well. By becoming a VIP player, you become a part of the family!

What You Get By Becoming a VIP Player?

Being a VIP player is not simply a title, it comes with a bunch of amazing perks. To help you realize how awesome the VIP status is, here are some of the most common casino VIP perks:Casino Bonuses

  • Exclusive live-support - The casino might provide you with an exclusive 24/7 live-support, which is not available to regular players.
  • Birthday presents – Some casinos also reward their VIP members with free trips or presents like 5-star dining vouchers or sporting tickets.  
  • VIP games – By joining the VIP club, you will get access to exclusive games, which are not available to everyone.
  • Increased limits – If you’re a high-roller, you have nothing to worry about as VIP status means that the limits you get are much higher than those of regular players.
  • VIP newsletter – VIP players are the first to hear the good news. So, if there’s a promotion about to be launched, you will be the first to hear about it.

Of course, these are just some of the benefits that the players get by joining the VIP club. As there’s no downside to becoming a VIP, we see no reason not to start collecting the loyalty points straight away! The sooner you become a VIP player, the better! It’s all about loyalty when it comes to the VIP club. If you put your trust in a casino, you can be sure that they will reward you for that. So, don’t waste any more time! 

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