Australia Loves Online Casino Games: Too Right!

You might have heard that Aussies like to gamble and they are mad about our pokies, but do you know just how passionate we truly are when it comes to gambling? According to official statistics, it would seem that 8 out of 10 Australian adults like to gamble. The numbers are really high and they have helped Australia casino gambling reach the top of the international charts. Several billion dollars are being collected by the state from poker machines alone, so we could say that the Akubra gang also love our casino games like no one else on the planet.

 Gambling In Australia Is Legit

The South Australia Independent Gambling Authority or the Australian Capital Territory ACT Gambling and Racing Commission are just a couple of the main gambling regulations that are currently active in Australia. Therefore, offline gambling in Australia is 100% legal and it is attentively regulated by special state and territory authorities. Online Australia casino gambling is also permitted, and the Interactive Gambling Act which was passed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament in 2001 is the main regulatory body related to online gambling here.* Online blackjack or online pokies for real money are therefore 100% legal and there are plenty of Australia casino venues that are providing their gambling services to folks located outside the Australian territory as well.   

Australia Casinos Are Winners 

Besides the huge collection of online and offline casinos that are to be discovered in the land of hoop snakes, gamblers have an additional reason to celebrate. The explanation is simple: gambling is not regarded as a profession here, but it is viewed as a cultural hobby. It's not taboo like in many other places, but an accepted part of the Aussie culture dating back to the Gold Rush. Secondly, gambling operators for both online and offline casinos are being taxed instead of gamblers, so the government gets its fair share of the money involved in this fast-growing industry. Thirdly, gambling in Australia – and winning – means enjoying one’s good luck, so the winnings are not considered to be forms of an income here. So you don't pay GST or income tax on your winnings.

This means gamblers who choose Australia casino venues on the web are prone to enjoy all of these perks – provided they live someplace in Australia. So if you count among the lucky Aussies, dabble away for a chance to win your favourite games of pokies or play your favourite casino card games on the web and grab all the winnings for yourself.

 Australia Casino – Non-Stop Promotions

Playing casino games online for real money is much more profitable compared to regular offline gambling practices. A load of promotions offered to newly registered members and loyal casino members altogether involves lots of free casino money, free spins or rounds, and even casino branded items or tickets to offline tournaments across the world. Match bonuses, friend referral bonuses, special daily, weekly, or monthly promos or special offers related to special holidays are all to be discovered inside the virtual walls of these venues.  


*Recent changes to the Gambling Act affect the licensing of some of the online casinos, but here at Australia Casino we only recommend online casinos that are legal and licensed in Australia.