Online Casinos – The Scourge of Vegas

Turning to the other side of the world, to the original gambling Mecca of Las Vegas, it turns out that online gambling is no longer going to be a strictly offshore experience in the United States. After years of trying to fight the online gambling industry, Vegas casinos are now busy trying to embrace it, much like the American music industry underwent a sea change and started to embrace the world of online music buying. Here’s what you need to knoThere was a time, not too long ago when online gambling was considered the scourge of Las Vegas and indeed of most other worldwide gambling Meccas. The casinos were worried that people would stop traveling to the big casinos and they would instead spend their money at home. Given that online casinos often offered better bonuses and even better odds of winning than their bricks and mortar counterparts, this was a valid concern – millions of gamblers worldwide started to move all of their gambling online and away from the casinos.

American Regulators Move In

However, this happy love affair between gamblers and the online world was not to last. American regulators began cracking down on illegal online gambling sites in the past few years and a number of high profile shutdowns have shaken the industry to the core (by comparison, Australian online gambling is alive and well and expanding at a rapid clip to support the voracious Australian appetite for gambling offerings).

Vegas Gets Involved

Of course, as with the music industry, which saw the writing on the wall, the Vegas gambling industry realized that they were fighting a losing battle and leaving money on the table. As such, some of the biggest names in Vegas, including MGM and Ceasar’s Palace have begun offering their own online gambling sites, albeit in a much more limited form than the better known and more established online gambling sites.

But Will Gamblers Go For It?

It remains to be seen however if gamblers will flock to these new offerings as they are quite limited and world away from being the kind of complete gambling experience that users of better known online gambling sites have come to expect. Instead of a vast array of tables offering every kind of game, these sites often offer nothing more than online poker and even that tends to be somewhat limited compared with the offerings available here in Australia, where online gambling is alive and well.