Everything You Need to Know About Poker Probabilities

If you want to be a successful poker player, you need to realize that this game is all about math, not luck. Your decisions need to be based on mathematics, but also on psychology. By paying attention to your opponent’s behavior, you will be able to predict their moves and recognize whether they hold a winning or a losing hand. However, when it comes to playing poker online, psychology doesn’t play a big part. Instead, the only thing that matters if your knowledge of poker probabilities!

Probability of Poker Hands

Knowing the frequency of each poker hand will help you get better at this game. Basically, by helping you realize which are less likely to happen than the others, you will be able to have a better understanding of the game. The rule is simple – the higher the percentage, the more likely it is for the hand to happen!

  • Royal flush – 0.000154%Probability of poker hands
  • Straight flush – 0.00139%             
  • Four of a kind – 0.0240%              
  • Full house – 0.1441%      
  • Flush – 0.1965%
  • Straight – 0.3925%          
  • Three-of-a-kind – 2.1128%          
  • Two pair – 4.7539%        
  • One pair – 42.2569%      
  • High card – 50.1177%     

Knowing the poker probabilities will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing whether to make a bet or fold. Not only will it give you an idea of the chances that the hand you’re looking for is going to come up, this knowledge will also show you what to expect from your opponents. For instance, if you have four of a kind, the chances that your opponent has a flush are not very high. In this particular case, you are the one who has better odds of winning!   Depending on your deposit, you might even get a high roller bonus!

Useful Poker Tips

Knowing how poker probabilities work is the key to developing your own playing tactic. In order to help you out get the most of it, we’re now going to share with you some of the poker strategies and tips that have been proven to work!

Do Not Hope for Premium Hands!

The chances that you will be dealt premium hands like two aces are very low. In fact, the exact percentage of that happening is only 2.1 percent. What this means is that there’s no use of waiting for premium hands. Instead of giving up straight away, it’s much better to wait and see what kinds of cards are dealt on the flop.

Should You Give a Pair a Chance?

Although the chance that you will be dealt with a premium pair right at the beginning is pretty low, the odds get better when the flop cards are revealed. Actually, the probability that one of your cards is going to make a pair on the flop is almost one third (32.43 percent). The odds get even better with turn and river, reaching almost 50 percent.

Another thing to pay attention to is how strong your pair of cards is. It wouldn’t be a good decision to raise and raise if you have only a pair of twos. Furthermore, the chance of flopping a flush with a suited pair is just 0.8 percent means.

Focusing on “Trips” Might Be Your Road to Success

If you’re dealt with a pair, the chance of flopping the third card of the same kind is 1 in 7.5. And the probability of getting two pairs is even lower. Actually, it’s just about 2 percent. Of course, even if you get two pairs, there’s the worry that your opponent has the same, but with higher cards.

However, the chances are pretty much in your favor if you flop a three-of-a-kind hand. This is especially true if you’re playing against a single opponent. With three-of-a-kind in your hands, the opponent is unlikely to have a better hand.

Don’t Have Any FavoritesPoker tips and tricks 

It’s not uncommon for newbies to have favorite hands. Even though it might seem that everything is going in your favor, you still have to think about the probability.

For instance, if you have four cards of the same suit after the river, the chances are low that you will get a flush on the turn. The chances are even worse if you’re hoping to get a royal flush.   

Know When to Fold

Folding an overpair does not have to be a sign of weakness, but wisdom. Even if you have two aces in the pocket, it doesn’t mean your opponents won’t flop something better. So, if your opponent is going all in, it’s better to fold than to risk losing everything.  

Where Can You Practice Your Poker Skills?

Learning about poker from the books won’t get you anywhere. In order to become a good poker player, you need to practice. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should start playing poker with real money right away. On the contrary, you need to play it for free until you’re 100 percent sure you’re ready for the big league.

Luckily for you, many top online casinos allow players to play poker for free. Here at Australia Casino online, you can find a number of such sites! Some of them allow you to polish your poker skill by playing against other newbies. And once you’re ready, you can simply join a real-money tournament. The best thing is that when you do that, the website will probably reward you with something.

Poker is a game of math, not chance. So, if you want to be a winner, it’s extremely important to learn poker probabilities!