How To Get Into The Casino VIP Clubs and Competitions


exclusive casino VIP competitionsVIP Casino has become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment but what makes it even more interesting is that you can now join the casino VIP competitions as well. Some of the best casinos online offer various benefits and loyal programs that provide the players with amazing rewards.

There are also casino promotions that allow you to make cashbacks and deposit bonuses. In this article we are going to check out these benefits.


What Is a Casino Loyalty Program?

Many VIP casinos offer the so called loyalty program which is basically the rewards program provided to the players who can be often found at online casinos. This means that the more often you play the bigger bonuses you will get.

The most loyal customers are offered these perks of course. The rewards is often in a form of points; however, you should know that these points can be easily exchanged for cash or even interesting goods such as bags and mugs.

Additionally, as a casino member you might be able to attend special tournaments that only the best of best can attend since they are the loyalty program members as well.

You should also remember that the difference between online casinos is not really obvious. The most important feature that makes them different is the way they award the points. Some of the casinos will reward you only one point per dollar while the others may award you five points per one dollar.


Why Should You Become a VIP Member?

The main reason why you should become a VIP or loyalty program member is because of the benefits. Even if you play only once per day you can still be rewarded with a special prize. It is also interesting to note that these prizes are becoming more and more exciting as the number of contestants grows.

In order to collect more points you need the higher VIP level which you can reach by investing and playing. However, some casinos might demand a lot of money to invest in order to become the highest level of VIP. That means that you might need to invest thousands of euros at once.

The benefits usually consist of conversion rates, prizes, presents, bonuses.

Additionally, most online casinos offer three types of VIP programs, such as:

  • Bronze, which gives you access to regular bonuses, a minimal conversion rate and some special promotions.
  • Silver offers some additional bonus chips, bigger bonuses, a better conversion rate and special promotions.
  • Gold is the highest VIP lever that allows you to have all possible rewards and bonuses in that online casino. It offers more bonuses, special managers to see to your needs and amazing conversion rates.

You should bear in mind that these programs differ from casino to casino, but you still how it functions generally.


How to Become a VIP member?

Believe it or not but getting started is pretty easy. You become the VIP member once you make the first real deposit but it can be after your first real bet as well. Some of these programs are free, some demand of you to pay while some are working via invitation only.

It might be even easier for you online – you play and the software is the one that calculates the points and how much you have earned so far.

You should also remember that not all games are treated equally. If you are looking for the best possible conversion rate, then look at playing slots. It might be because of the game having the worst odds in the industry.

Blackjack on the other hand is a game with the best odds in the industry thus making it a game with the lowest conversion rate. It means you will have to play harder and a lot more in order to earn points.


VIP club perks, such as free tickets to performancesWhat Kind of Perks Can You Get?

As we already said, the rewards, bonuses and conversion rates differ from one online casino to other. It also depends on the level of your VIP status. I will be harder if you are a newbie but do not give up!

Let’s take a look at some of the perks and rewards that you might get as a VIP member if you play in an online  casino: 

  • Free all included tickets to local or international sporting and gambling events.
  • Monthly or weekly exclusive VIP competitions
  • Gifts for your birthday or any special event
  • You can win luxury gifts and VIP / golden circle seats at coveted concerts and performances.
  • You can get faster pay-outs and better rakebacks.
  • A personalised account manager available 24/7 for any question or request you might have
  • etc.


To Conclude: How to Choose a VIP Program

We have talked about different VIP and loyalty programs when it comes to online casinos. We have also concluded that each casino has its system of points and conversion rates which you must decide on depending on your personal preferences.

The advice we can give you is to simply find an online casino that you like and that offers games that you are good at. If you enjoy them and you are good at them – you will play more and earn more loyalty points. It's as simple as that.

So relax and have fun at these recommended online casinos and enjoy your way into VIP status!